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Stephen Colwell

Stephen Colwell

Completing Founder

As a former agency head, I became tired of seeing GREAT companies fail to execute and see their vision through. I launched Completing to help individuals, teams, and organizations make a greater impact faster by implementing a few basic operating principles to eliminate waste, get to market faster, and maintain a high-performing environment.  

After years working in environments that seemed to run in a never-ending state of reaction and chaos, without any real process for alignment and planning, I hit a wall. Burn-out, depression, isolation – the whole cocktail. I retreated into a deep state of self-reflection and learning, seeking a pathway out toward something more sustainable and more meaningful, an approach to achieving more that could actually stand the test of time while helping others do the same. It became my calling. 

After a year of head-down R & D and a couple of certifications, I began reaching-out to a few companies. Since then, we’ve been fortunate to help a number of organizations big and small, several operating on multiple continents.  

I am not an arms-length-distance or one size fits all type. I value highly focused, hands-on execution that reflects the uniqueness of every organization and is sustainable for the long-haul. We work best with leaders and teams who are bent on making a real impact, who challenge the status quo, and who embody a flat-out do-it-or-die attitude. 

We work with all levels of leadership, from start-up founders and teams, to enterprise and the C-suite. We’ve helped clients in media, technology, healthcare, software, financial services, consumer products, blockchain, and others. I’ve lived, worked, and traveled in over 30 countries.

We exist to help others make a difference. If that’s you, I can’t wait to connect.