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Work Archive

Navigating the remote vs. in-office debate: what leaders and employers need to know

Welcome to the new “normal.” Even under the ongoing threat of new variants, the US is continuing to open-up, with most schools back in-class and some organizations returning to the office. However, in the face of mounting burnout, stress, and the increasingly blurred lines between home life and work life, it will not be business …

Overcoming Disruption in a Distributed World

Employee burnout is on the rise, fueled by the abrupt shift to remote work. According to Asana’s recent Anatomy of Work Index, the knowledge workforce is spending upwards of 60% of their time coordinating work (searching for information, app switching, project follow-up, etc.), while only 26% is dedicated to the skilled work they were hired …

How Psychological Safety Builds Team Trust and Helps Your Company Grow

We all know trust is important, especially within a team environment. It enables people to show up as their best selves and work toward a shared vision. It’s the fuel that drives risk-taking, collaboration, and innovation. As Simon Sinek says, “Only when a person trusts an organization will they take personal risk to advance the …

Untangling Your Organization’s Decision Making

How is your organization arriving at its mission-critical decisions? According to recent research by McKinsey & Co, 72% of executives say the bad strategic decisions are on par or higher than the good ones. Although technology has empowered ultra efficient communication, the result is more cooks in the kitchen without enough decision-making authority. The report …

Why You Hate Work

According to a Gallup 2018 report, just 34% of employees are engaged, involved in, enthusiastic about, and committed to their work. 53% are not engaged and 13% are actively dis-engaged with miserable work experiences. So what’s going on? Why are American’s so unhappy with their work environments? The Energy Project says it doesn’t have to …