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Solutions to Power Your Growth

The Visibility & Scalability to Execute at Your Best

Agile Implementation & Training

The Methodology

Agile is a set of practices and routines for delivering value based on continuous improvement of smaller, releasable products, services, solutions, features and virtually every other form of value. Today, teams of every type and size are deploying Agile practices within their organizations, driving their key projects forward with greater clarity, visibility, and predictability.

The Systems

We’ll design, deploy, and train an end-to-end Agile adoption plan, tailored to the unique needs of your organization. We’ll help you leverage technology to the fullest by implementing the real time visibility and automation to know where every project stands, all the time; without all the confusion and ad hoc disruption slowing down your progress.

The Routines

From weekly planning and tasking, to check-ins and reviews, we’ll install, train, and reinforce the sustainable Agile routines and habits to help you and your team maintain clarity and alignment without the typical confusion and frustration, all while optimizing team communication and cohesion.

Choose The Service Level & Pace That’s Right For You


We’ll work with one or more of your key project manager/s and coordinators to design, deploy and maintain the high-performing practices, routines, and efficiencies to accelerate.

For Leadership Teams

We’ll work with your key leadership team to design and deploy the streamlined systems and workflows for greater visibility and organizational efficiency. Your internal team then deploys across your front-line teams.

For Front-Line Teams

We’ll work with both your leadership and front-line teams facilitating the implementation, adoption and reinforcement of your new workflows practices and routines.

Flexible Pricing Options

FlexScope™ Pricing

Weekly or Monthly Retainer

Ideal for teams in rapidly evolving environments with multiple simultaneous projects, where priorities often shift mid-stream, where flexibility and adaptation is important. FlexScope™ solutions are free from the inherent constraints of fixed scoped models where mid-course priority shifts can trigger stops and restarts caused by change orders and re-quotes as real world events, data, and feedback inform new decision making and adjustments in scope.


  • Predictable weekly or monthly pricing
  • Flexibility to change priorities on the fly without the need for change-orders and requotes


  • More open-ended to reflect frequently shifting priorities and project deliverables
  • Too many simultaneous projects can reduce focus and flow

Fixed Scope Pricing

Flat-rate Project Based

Ideal for teams with specific, targeted objectives operating in relatively predictable environments requiring fewer mid-stream priority shifts and course adjustments. Fixed Scope solutions offer pre-defined deliverables with clear starting and end-points with limited variability. Clients may switch between Fixed Scope and FlexScope solutions at any time.


  • One flat price for specific pre-defined deliverables
  • Increased focus on 1-3 mission critical projects


  • Less flexibility to adjust priorities mid-stream
  • Potential delays caused by re-quotes and change orders due to shifting requirements (scope)

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