Frequently Asked Questions

What types of projects do you specialize in?

Operational improvement projects. Examples include finance, IT/development, sales, marketing, legal, HR and other operations functions. Specifically two primary components: 1) business process efficiency and software optimization. 2) Project Management best practices and training, following a lean, Agile approach.

Is this a good fit for my business?

Our solutions are best suited for companies committed to operational excellence in all areas, yet wish to start with one or more specific, immediate priorities as a starting point. We spend enough time upfront to clearly understand your business objectives, then move quickly into execution with a strong bias to action, learning and adjusting as we go.

How do I get started?

Call, email, or schedule a time to speak with us. We’ll ask a few questions and send an initial quote usually within 24hrs.

How long will my project take to complete?

Each project is unique, with variables that influence timelines. Small, limited scope projects can wrap-up in 2-4 weeks, mid-size projects 6-8 weeks, and larger, more comprehensive projects 3-12 mos.+ . Work is completed sooner when weekly goals are clearly defined, reviews and approvals are timely, and the number of decision-makers is kept to a minimum.

How will I know the total cost of my project?

Once we’ve mapped your project in writing, we’ll provide an estimate. Only after you approve, will development begin.

What happens if the project estimate comes-in higher than my budget?

There is never any obligation to start your project. Once the scope is defined, you’ll have the information you need to make a go, no-go decision. If you don’t currently have a written project plan, we’ll write one for you for a modest one-time roadmapping fee. With every project, there are unknowns. Exhaustive planning invariably results in unnecessary delays. We prefer minimal planning and only enough to achieve alignment based on your broader objective and your most pressing need in the areas that will deliver the most value to your business, the soonest. This allows for quick adaptation based on real world feedback and helps avoid the typical delays from re-quotes and change-orders. Once your plan is defined, you are free to hire us or another team to implement.

Who does my Completing Project Lead report to?

Your Project Lead reports to you. They meet with you weekly to review progress, gather feedback, adjust priorities, and define next steps in daily coordination with your internal team or outside vendors. Your Completing Project Lead serves as your single point of contact and are the glue that keeps work on track and everyone on the same page.

Can I implement more than one project at a time?

Yes. We can focus simultaneously on as many areas of your operation as needed to ensure all dots connect with a broad understanding of the challenges and how it all fits together.

Are there any long-term contracts or hidden fees of any kind?

Never. We do offer pricing advantages for retainer-based managed services programs available on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Inquire with your Client Success Manager for details. Or, email [email protected].

How are projects priced?

Work is priced based on each unique project using an upper and lower range that incentives the earlier timeline, while allowing flexibility for mid-stream changes as priorities shift. This prevents the typical delays caused by change-orders and re-quotes. We’ve found a strict fixed-scope approach generally falls short of expectations as on-the-ground events unfold and priorities adjust. Invariably, this creates unnecessary stops and starts when projects are re-scoped and re-quoted. Deadlines become moving targets, resulting in a loss of momentum. We have removed this constraint in favor of a more flexible model that allows for quick adaptation, even late in development. This results in products, services, and solutions that more accurately reflect customer feedback and market conditions.

What happens if a member of my project team can’t complete their work?

Life happens. No project is immune and there are always barriers along the way. A little preparation, however, goes a long way. We maintain an ever-growing pool of creative and technical talent that can quickly fill the gap if needed.

What happens when my project is completed and delivered?

We transition out once you and your team are confident running your new processes without us. You are free of course, to keep us onboard in a limited, scaled-down capacity as needed.

What activities will my Completing Project Lead perform and not perform?

Our Project Leads are experienced technical specialists and project managers charged with completing your project on time and on budget. They maintain focus and clarity in language teams understand. They troubleshoot issues, remove barriers, and enable teams to meet their commitments and perform at their best, optimizing efficiencies along the way.  They review progress, check quality, gather feedback, and maintain strategic alignment. They guide self-organization, instilling a sense of purpose while minimizing distraction and fostering a positive, collaborative environment for everyone.

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