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Get Everyone Rowing in the Same Direction and Avoid Costly Mistakes and Delays Before Work Begins

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Ready to turn your vision into reality?

We’ve seen too many great projects stall-out or fail. Procrastination, lack of clarity, and inconsistent execution too often stop dreams in their tracks. We aim to solve this problem for creators, innovators, founders, visionaries and entrepreneurs.

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We'll develop a clear, written project plan for you, tailored to fit your unique vision and goals, a detailed roadmap and execution plan any skilled development team can quickly and and easily follow without the typical confusion and lack of clarity.

We've hired Completing to help define and implement key digital strategies for our healthcare distribution company that have led to measurable year-over-year growth. I would highly recommend the Completing team.

– Tony C., CEO - SPH Medical Inc.

Right StrategyTM

Aligning Priorities With Goals

Your project plan encompasses a high-level understanding of your goals, aligning your key priorities with daily action led by an experienced, certified project manager. When the right people share a common objective, when the right structure and systems are in place, when daily tasks are aligned with weekly goals, and when clear communication flows seamlessly, projects get done and value gets delivered sooner.

This solution is for those who seek a fresh perspective and an expert hand to craft a well defined plan before executing.

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Clear Vision

Is your idea or mission clearly articulated? Are your project priorities in tight alignment with your vision?

Clear Objectives

Are the key short and medium term goals and milestones clearly defined and in sync with your ultimate goals?

Clear Strategy

Is your strategic and tactical execution plan defined and understood?

Clear Action

Are your key weekly, monthly and quarterly priorities and tasks clearly defined?

Clear Measurement

Are the tools and processes in place to gather real-world feedback and data, track progress and adapt quickly?

The Completing Planning Cycle


business strategy with project goals


your top priorities and tasks


the detailed requirements to implement


the roles & skills to execute


a realistic budget and timeline


when to put your plan in motion

Right ActionTM

The Clarity To Execute

Your plan  encompasses the essential details to “know before you go”, serves as your team’s go-to guide for delivering on your expectations. Scope, requirements, specifications, roles, timelines, and budgets are outlined ahead of time, avoiding surprises and setting-up your team for success from the start.

This solution is for those who already have a clear goal and strategy and need a well defined, written executional plan to realize their goals.

Ready to Get Clear?

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Clear Alignment

Are your project priorities, goals, and action items tightly aligned with your vision & strategy?

Clear Requirements

Are the specifications, quality standards, and acceptance criteria clearly defined?

Clear Roles

Are the right people and skill-sets identified and in place?

Clear Budget & Timeline

Are the resources available and are the timelines realistic and achievable?

Clear Support

Is your team empowered to keep decision-velocity high? Is your team trusted and motivated to get the job done?

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Did you Know?

83% of Teams say they would be more efficient with the right processes in place.

Clearly-defined, repeatable processes are key to increasing efficiency. More efficiency means more time for strategy, problem solving, and creative thinking. And it also means happier, more productive teams.

Get ClearTM FAQs

What is your approach?

We believe in lean, agile methods for delivering value early and often, gathering feedback, adapting on-the-fly and continually improving. We believe smaller, consistent wins lead to bigger, more impactful achievements.

How long will it take to develop my written plan?

A few days to a couple of weeks depending on a number of factors including the nature, complexity, and requirements of your project as well as your availability for collaboration and feedback along the way toward your completed plan.

What types of projects can you help us with?

We generally focus on technical, creative, and digital projects spanning one or more functions including marketing, sales, operations, product development, software, IT, finance, HR and other business functions.

What is a Project Plan?

A written document outlining in clear terms, a set of well-defined requirements that stakeholders and development teams understand and agree-to. A well written project plan aligns project priorities with strategic goals, detailing the components, assets, roles, and acceptance criteria for successful completion. It is the definitive, single-source roadmap for teams, bringing stakeholders, developers, and creators into alignment before work begins.

What is Agile?

Agile development is an operating framework for approaching complex problems and solutions, generally executed by small, self-organizing teams of 3-7 participants. Agile provides the core principles, practices, & routines for teams to become more effective in all areas, accelerating progress and outcomes.

We don’t have an inhouse team. Can you help?

Yes, we can source and onboard the specialized skill-sets and talent needed to complete your project. There is an additional fee for this service depending on the required skills.

Turn Your Next Idea, Service, or Product Into Reality

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