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A-to-Z Project Planning to Turn Your Next Idea, Product, or Service Into Reality

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Have an Important Project? Need a Plan?

We’ve seen too many great companies and projects stall-out or fail. Procrastination, lack of clarity, and inconsistent execution too often stop dreams in their tracks. We aim to solve this problem for creators, innovators, founders, visionaries and entrepreneurs.

What You Get

A detailed written project plan tailored to the unique needs of your vision and project.

We've hired Completing to help define and implement key digital strategies for our healthcare distribution company that have led to measurable year-over-year growth. I would highly recommend the Completing team.

– Tony C., CEO - SPH Medical Inc.

Right StrategyTM

Aligning Your Project Priorities With Your Business Goals

Your custom-written project plan encompasses a high-level understanding of your business, outlining in detail, the creative, technical and operational requirements needed to deliver on your most important goals with greater accuracy and predictability.

This solution is designed for those who seek an outside perspective and an expert hand to define the precise scope, specifications, timelines, and projected costs to complete their most important projects before development begins.

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Clear Vision & Goals

Are you clear on your ultimate vision? Are your project priorities in tight alignment with your business strategy and goals? We can help you crystalize and solidify.

Clear Go-to-Market Strategy

How will you generate customers? Are you deploying the right strategies and tactics, what are your customer acquisition costs and how can you maximizing customer lifetime value?

Clear Revenue Model

Is your business model clear? Are your products and services priced right? Are you testing offers to know what works and what doesn't?

Clear Development Needs

Are the key assets built Including your brand, message, websites, collateral, campaigns, funnels, & tools?

Clear People & Roles

Do you have the talented and committed team with the creative, technical, financial, and operations skills needed to deliver at the velocity and quality you expect?

Clear Systems & Processes

Do you have the efficient systems, processes, documentation and automation in place to set a strong foundation for scale?

Clear Data & Measurement

How are you measuring progress? Are you receiving the frequent, accurate data to gain new insights, adapt quickly, and keep decision velocity high?

The Completing Planning Cycle


business strategy with project goals


your top 3-5 mission-critical projects


the specific requirements to implement


the roles & skills to execute


a realistic budget and timeline


when to put your plan in motion

Right PlanTM

The Clear Roadmaps To Execute

Your written project plan serves as your development team’s go-to guide for delivering precisely on your vision and strategy. Roadmaps include the complete scope, specifications, timelines, roles, and costs to deliver the outcome you desire more predictably and accurately. This solution is for those who already have a clear business strategy and simply need a written plan for one or more key projects.

Ready to Get Clear?

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Clear Alignment

Are your project priorities tightly aligned with your business goals?

Clear Deliverables

Are your project requirements well-defined in writing?

Clear People & Skills

Are the creative and technical skills in place or will you need help onboarding?

Clear Budget & Timeline

Are the resources available to deliver with the velocity, accuracy and quality you expect?

Clear Technology

Which tools and technologies can you leverage while keeping it simple and minimizing complexity?

Clear Quality Standards

Are the high standards and acceptance criteria you expect clearly defined and shared by all?

Clear Project Management

Is the right leadership in place to drive daily accountability and progress while quickly removing barriers along the way?

Clear Environment

Are you empowered with the authority to keep decision-velocity high, is your culture open to change, and is your team truly motivated to perform at their best?

* Courtesy of Asana

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Did you Know?

83% of Teams say they would be more efficient with the right processes in place.

Clearly-defined, repeatable processes are key to increasing efficiency. More efficiency means more time for strategy, problem solving, and creative thinking. And it also means happier, more productive teams.

Get ClearTM FAQs

What is your approach?

We believe in lean, agile methods for getting to market quickly, gathering feedback, rapid adaptation and continuous improvement. We believe smaller, consistent wins lead to bigger, more impactful achievements.

How long will it take to develop my written plan?

A few days to a couple of weeks depending on a number of factors including the nature and requirements of your project as well as your availability for collaboration and feedback along the way toward your completed plan.

What types of projects can you help us with?

We generally focus on technical, creative, and digital projects spanning one or more functions including marketing, sales, operations, product development, IT, finance, HR and other business functions.

What is a Project Plan?

A written document outlining in clear terms, a set of well-defined project requirements that stakeholders and development teams understand and agree-to. A well written project plan aligns business goals with project outcomes and details the components, assets, roles, and acceptance criteria for successful completion. It is the definitive, single-source guide for development teams, bringing stakeholders, managers, and teams into alignment before work begins.

What is Agile?

Agile development is an operating framework for approaching complex problems and solutions, generally executed-on by small, self-organizing teams of 3-7 participants. Agile provides the core principles, rules, & guidelines for teams to become more effective in all areas.

We don’t have an inhouse team. Can you help?

Yes, we can source and onboard the specialized skill-sets and talent needed to complete your project. There is an additional fee for this service depending on the required skills.

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