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Get OrganizedTM

All Your Projects, Priorities, and Tasks In One Place, Wherever You Are

Manage work like a pro and get more done faster without all the unnecessary interruptions, meetings, and guesswork

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Tired of operating in the blind?

Far too many teams lack visibility into their work. Gaps in clarity, feedback, and communication too often results in unnecessary delays and frustration

We can help

We can help you define, organize, and optimize your mission-critical projects and tasks into the Asana work management system then help you run the same Agile practices and routines practiced by today’s top performing companies.

"We were flat-out disorganized. We needed a single system to pull-together our team's tasks. Most tools were overkill. Completing designed a simple solution to customize, install and train our team using Asana. Now, we can see all our work in progress, communication is clearer, and our productivity has improved significantly."

– Galen C., Coldwell Banker

Work Mapped

Defined, Prioritized, Assigned

Effective planning, prioritization, and feedback often means the difference between success and failure. Too often,  team’s are on different pages, lacking well defined objectives, a common language, and clear, timely feedback.

Our Agile certified consultants and trainers will help you tailor and implement a simple, proven framework leveraging Agile methodologies and the Asana work management system. Once installed, we’ll teach and guide your team on the fundamental best practices and weekly routines that empower teams to focus on their highest and best work, without all the ad hoc meetings, interruption, & confusion.

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Clear Goals & Milestones

Tie your key projects and tasks to a clear mission and goal (your 'why'), then leverage Asana to maintain a top-level view, track progress, provide feedback and remove barriers along the way.

Transparent Tasking & Timelines

Eliminate unnecessary meetings, interruption, and distraction with on-demand tracking, status updates, and seamless communication visible to all the right team members.

Streamlined Workflows

We'll help you leverage an Agile approach with Asana's turn-key templates, customizable forms and automated rules to keep work flowing with fewer repetitive, time-wasting manual tasks.

Seamless Communication

We'll guide and train your team on the proven methods and best practices for accelerating project flow using the collaboration and feedback tools built right inside Asana.

Five Step Adoption Plan For Getting Organized

* Courtesy of Asana

Define your need

Design your plan

Implement your solution

Form & enforce habit

Maintain or expand

Work Tracked

One place, complete visibility

Most leaders, executives, and managers lack the visibility and on-the-ground data to keep track of their team’s progress. Direction is often vague, details are lost, feedback and approvals are delayed, and projects become unnecessarily delayed or stalled.

With an effective task management process plus a few basic routines, your fragmented and ad hoc process becomes streamlined and predictable. Transparency improves, communication flows, feedback is clear, and progress accelerates. You’ll know exactly where things stand and when to adjust. Most importantly, your critical work gets done and you deliver value sooner with healthier teams and happier clients.

Ready to Get Organized?

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Intuitive Dashboards

Simple, user-friendly visual dashboards providing the project and task summaries, delivering a top-level picture of all your team's work.

Task Notifications

Notifications the way you want them, inside or outside the Asana. Get notified when tasks are completed and by whom. Receive a daily or weekly summary report, easily give feedback and check a task's status right from your mobile device.

Status Updates

As tasks are completed, you'll see progress toward your business goals. You'll know when projects go off-track and prevent confusion by keeping communications attached to their relevant task.

Feedback & Approvals

Keep delays to a minimum by supporting your team with rapid feedback and approvals all participants can see without the endless email threads that can easily become lost.

Custom Reports

Create custom reports across one or more teams and keep track of multiple projects and even multiple businesses, all in one place accessible right from you phone or laptop.

* Courtesy of Asana

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Did you Know?

An average of 167 hours are wasted in meetings over a course of a year.

That's not all. 352 hours are wasted talking about work, 209 hours are wasted on duplicative work, and 103 hours are wasted in unnecessary meetings. There's a better way.


How do you approach projects?

We like to walk before we run. We believe in lean, agile methods for delivering value early, gathering feedback, and adapting quickly with a commitment to continuous improvement. We believe speed matters and small, consistent achievements delivered early and often lead to larger, lasting impacts.

How long will it take?

As little as 1-2 weeks depending on a number of factors determined through the course of an initial discovery process.

What is Asana?

Asana is a simple, easy-to-use task management tool that empowers team’s to get more done without the guesswork. As Certified Professionals, we help you install the efficient workflows unique to your business combined with Asana's proven best-practices.

Why Asana?

It’s simple-to-use, affordable, and customizable for both technical and non-technical people alike. It’s continually advancing, fully scalable, and the support is exceptional. Short answer - it just works.

What types of projects can I manage using Asana?

Just about any project or task imaginable. Really.

What is A Project Roadmap?

A written document outlining in creative and technical terms, the specific goals, requirements, roles, and acceptance criteria for successful completion of your project. It is the definitive, single-source reference for development teams, bringing stakeholders, managers, and teams into alignment before work begins.

What is Agile?

Agile development is an operating framework for approaching complex problems and solutions, generally executed-on by small, self-organizing teams of 3-7 members. Agile provides the core principles and guidelines for teams to become more effective as groups and individuals through the course of their professional work together.

We don’t have an inhouse team. Can You Help?

Yes, we can source and onboard the specialized skill-sets and talent needed to complete your project. There is an additional fee for this service depending on the required skills.

We already use Asana, but we need help optimizing it. Can you help?

Yes, we can help you install the improved workflows and best-practices for the primary functions of your business, including and not limited to marketing, sales, service, development, HR, finance, and beyond.

Track and Organize All Your Team’s Projects & Tasks in One Place

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