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Done operating in the blind?

Far too many teams and organizations lack visibility into their work. Gaps in clarity, priorities, and communication result in unnecessary costs and delays.

We can help

We'll help you organize all of your projects, processes, and tasks into a single, coherent structure visible and accessible from one place.

"We were flat-out disorganized. We needed help getting everyone on the same page. Most systems were overkill. Now, we can see what's on everyone's plate, our meetings are more productive, and we're getting more done with fewer interruptions ."

– Galen C., Coldwell Banker

Work Clarified

Visible, Prioritized, Assigned

Too often,  team’s are on different pages, lacking clear priorities, expectations, and a common language.

We’ll help you deploy a flexible, scalable work management system that  factors your shifting priorities and keeps everyone rowing in the same direction.

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Clear Structure

Tie-together your company goals, teams, portfolios, projects, and tasks into a single, coherent structure.

Clear Plans & Priorities

Remove the guesswork and keep everyone on the same page with clearly defined project overviews, goals, milestones, priorities and timelines.

Clear Workflows

Use intelligent forms, automations, and integrations to streamline hand-offs, reduce waisting times, and eliminate repetitive manual tasks.

Clear Communication

Reduce noise by getting out of email and paring communication with your team's priorities, projects, and tasks in one place.

Five Step Adoption Plan For Getting Organized

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Define your need

Design your plan

Implement your solution

Form & enforce habit

Maintain or expand

Progress Accelerated

One place, complete visibility

With better visibility, your priorities, projects, and tasks are clearer, confusion and disruption are avoided. With goal and portfolio views, you’ll gain a top-level view and you’ll know exactly where your projects stand.

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Faster Hand-offs & Approvals

Reduce waiting times with automations that keep work moving between individuals and teams.

Simplified Notifications

Eliminate endless email and Slack threads by paring communications with projects and tasks.

Better Reporting

Make it simple and fast for your project coordinators and managers to keep stakeholders updated without all the time-wasting manual steps.

Top-Level Views

Intuitive, visual dashboards provide you and your team with the data, KPIs and status updates you need, tied to your goals, portfolios, and milestones.

* Courtesy of Asana

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Did you Know?

An average of 167 hours are wasted in meetings over a course of a year.

That's not all. 352 hours are wasted talking about work, 209 hours are wasted on duplicative work, and 103 hours are wasted in unnecessary meetings. There's a better way.


How do you approach each project?

We walk before we run. We believe in lean, agile methods for delivering value early, gathering feedback, and adapting quickly with a commitment to continuous improvement. We believe speed matters and small, consistent achievements delivered early and often lead to larger, lasting results.

How long will our project take?

It depends on the size and scope of each project and your business goals. Single workflows can take as little as a week or two. Larger process improvement projects can run several weeks or months.

What is Work Management?

Asana a systematic approach to orchestrating an organization’s workflows—be it a project, an ongoing process, or a routine task. It is the coordination of people and work across all levels of an organization to ensure everyone is aligned and equipped with the clarity, knowledge, tools, and support they need to complete more of the skilled work that matters most.

What types of projects can you help us with?

Just about any function, process, or project type you can think of including technical, development, creative, marketing, operations, support, onboarding, HR, finance, legal, events. You name it, we've likely seen it.

What is a Roadmap?

A written document outlining the goals, priorities, and requirements for successful completion of your project. It is a single-source of truth for aligning stakeholders and teams around what success looks like and how we'll know we've achieved it.

What is Agile?

Agile is a set of operating principles combined with varying specific frameworks for approaching work. Deployed, Agile provides the consistent disciplines, practices, and routines to help teams focus more and deliver value sooner.

We don’t have a team. Can you still help us?

Yes, we can help you source and onboard the specialized skills and expertise you need to complete your next project.

We already use Project Management Tools. Can you still help us??

Yes, we can help you optimize your existing tools or implement new tools for you. We can help you reduce app switching with intelligent integrations between multiple tools.

Track and Organize All Your Team’s Projects & Tasks in One Place

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