50+ employees across multiple continents, consisting of (3) primary departments – Outsourced IT, Client Success and Professional Services, each containing (3) teams spanning design and education to helpdesk, project management and engineering. Avg. project lifecycle 2-6 mos.+ ongoing managed services.


  • Outdated time-tracking using a legacy MSP platform
  • Suboptimal project and task visibility (Who’s working on what by when & what’s next)
  • Some managers wearing multiple hats resulting in overwhelm and over-reliance
  • Lack of a bonafide project management system (Daily practices and routines)
  • Lots of well-defined processes and documentation, yet a lack of consistent execution and adherence resulting in inconsistent project outcomes, missed deadlines, and excessive ad hoc reaction and frustration


  • Transition Project Management processes to Asana
  • Improve project organization and top-level status reporting
  • Improve efficiencies between projects, time-tracking and invoicing
  • Implement, train, and reinforce Agile-based project management practices

“We’ve grown quickly and stress cracks began to appear. Technology was not enough. We needed a new approach to project management; one that factored both good process design and consistent execution”

– Tony C., CEO


  • Augment project management with (1) add’l technical project manager
  • Define and organize all projects in one place with clear visibility tying-together tasks, projects, portfolios and goals
  • Define clear on roles, expectations, & KPIs
  • Implement a formalized project management system following an agile approach
  • Prioritize process improvement and automation as an integral function company-wide, embedding a Completing Process Analyst directly inside the AMC Modern team

“We are thinking about project structure much more, gauging workload and flagging projects first instead of involving everyone all the way through. We’ve reduced both meeting time and attendee size by 50%, a major boost to everyone’s morale.” 

– Yago V., Process Improvement Analyst


  • 30% reduction in meeting frequency with smaller, more focused meetings
  • 20% reduction internal chat noise resulting in fewer distraction
  • Clearer roadmaps using the Portfolio features in Asana
  • Improved alignment & coordination between Project Engineering and Solutions Architecture
  • Faster quote delivery, request ticketing and response handling
    Improved project and task prioritization, kick-offs, & status reporting
  • Less confusion about who is working on what by when
  • Improved visibility using the Asana portfolios feature, allowing management to get a quick pulse (on track/off track) without having to drill-down
  • Improved engagement company-wide

“Because of Completing, we are not only more efficient, we are far more intentional about how we approach operations as a whole. We couldn’t be more pleased with our progress and look forward to continuing the journey.”

– Tony C., CEO