• Inconsistent processes for managing a growing pipeline of content production projects across multiple teams and locations.
  • Low visibility over production work in progress.
  • Fragmented workflows between internal team members and 3rd parties.
  • Inconsistent cadence resulting in too many ad hoc meetings.
  • Increasing rates of excessively rushed timeline.


  • A streamlined process for capturing, prioritizing, refining and tasking new production projects.
  • A single, transparent location to view all work in progress and all assignments.
  • A consistent weekly meeting cadence for project planning, tasking, & feedback.
  • Training to help the team consistently execute on the new processes.
  • The reporting and measurement solutions to effectively track progress.

“We were expecting the Completing team to help us implement Asana. Instead, they helped us understand how to actually run a business in a healthy way.”

–David Procyshyn- Founder CEO, DoYogaWithMe

Solution & Approach

  • The engagement began with a focus on streamlining the company’s video production processes.
  • Calls were scheduled with the core production team to facilitate a learn-while-doing approach embedded directly inside the team’s real-world environment, allowing for minimum disruption to the business.
  • The company’s Asana work management solution was designed and configured in real-time, allowing for instant feedback, testing, and iteration.
  • Must-have workflow improvements were built first.
  • This helped to remove the most pressing bottlenecks before layering in additional processes or automation.
  • Training was integrated into each working session and geared toward building the team’s foundational understanding around Agile methodologies, principles, and practices.
  • Additional training was designed to help the company’s Production Manager organize and manage the team’s work while serving as the primary go-between.
  • A pre-set Weekly planning call was established with a structured agenda designed to minimize excessive, ad hoc communication and open loops.
  • To make Asana work for each team, project backlogs and boards were tailored for each team, including advanced features such as custom fields, templates, and portfolios.
  • An experienced Completing Implementer guided and facilitated the process from end-to-end, freeing-up key stakeholders to remain focused on other core business activities.
  • Over four weeks, solutions were extended-out to the company’s other teams including Marketing and Events.


  • Visibility overall work in progress.
  • Teams are equipped with a clear process for working through and breaking-down complex projects & tasks.
  • Accelerated production with fewer last-minute rushed timelines.
  • Significant reduction in unnecessary meetings and communication.
  • Improved alignment, coordination, and conflict resolution.
  • Reduction in stress & anxiety across all teams.
  • Leadership freed from project management tasks with more space to focus on growth.

“The value we received is immeasurable and far exceeded my expectations. Without it, I would not have known the extent of the waste and inefficiency that was occurring in our business. I realize how much more we could have grown during our earlier stages if we had gone through this process sooner.”

–David Procyshyn- Founder CEO, DoYogaWithMe