Lack of project visibility and a systematized approach for managing a rapidly growing volume of deadline-driven creative and technical production tasks; unpredictable workflows and rushed timelines resulting in a growing backlog of missed deadlines and quality inconsistency.

Solution and Approach

Clearly define individual roles & responsibilities. Start with trust and safety by creating a space for everyone to speak openly and honestly about the most pressing issues. Implement an initial set of Agile practices and routines to help teams clearly define and document their project and task priorities. Implement both the streamlined workflows, best practices, and task-level visibility using the Asana work management tool.

We’ve already achieved 53% of our target for the year and it’s only May. This system has allowed us to get there faster than we expected.

–Julie R. – Co-founder CEO, The FeedFeed


An experienced Completing Project Manager embedded into the feedfeed team, working side-by-side with both leadership and production to align around company and project goals. A weekly meeting cadence and planning process was implemented to help the team clearly define priorities, tasks, and assignments in writing, minimizing the need for additional meetings and ensuring designers, writers, and technicians have the space to complete their work with fewer interruptions during business hours. A production backlog and funnel were built out using Asana to manage both new work requests as well as work-in-progress, providing real-time visibility of all tasks and identifying barriers earlier to keep on track.


Completing was originally hired to work with one team. Because the results were so impactful, the project was extended to two additional teams. Some of the results achieved:

  • Clear roles and responsibilities 
  • Improved prioritization & systemization
  • Greater visibility and peer-to-peer accountability 
  • Drastic reduction in Slack conversations
  • Improved feedback loops and fewer bottlenecks 
  • Fewer last-minute, ad hoc meetings and work requests
  • Reduced stress, overwhelm, and burn-out 
  • A safer, more trusting, and energized environment

Being a media company, the work never stops. Our to-do lists were overwhelming and unclear. Everything you did for us was amazing. I have only positive things to say. It’s allowed me to step back and refocus my energies on growth rather than micromanaging our projects.

–Julie R. – Co-founder CEO, The FeedFeed