The company consists of 100+ employees across an array of functions including product, engineering, operations, marketing, support, finance, HR, & legal.


  • Sub-optimal workflows between departments
  • Gaps in clarity and communication around project and task management
  • Key product development projects moving slower than expected
  • Inconsistent use of Asana as an end-to-end work management tool
  • Overall need to improve visibility and clarity around who is working on what by when


  • Improve cross-team alignment and communication
  • Implement and train Asana company-wide
  • Improve process automation and workflows across departments
  • Improve collaboration and accelerate project completion by implementing Agile routines and practices

Solution Highlights

  • Deep dive discovery starting with Operations to understand current processes and bottlenecks as well as existing Asana use
  • Design Asana Goals & Portfolios framework to align projects and tasks with top-level company goals (Quarterly & annually)
  • Map, deploy, test, & train new Ops finance and CX processes for customer onboarding and escalations in coordination with Contact Center team
  • Develop & implement improved training & QA processes using Asana boards
  • Workflow design and implementation for marketing & legal teams
  • Workflow design for employee onboarding & offboarding (HR)
  • Zendesk & Asana integration R & D for improved data visibility & cross-platform synchronization
  • Figma & Asana integration R & D for improved UI/UX design tasking using Asana and Azure DevOps.
  • Agile/Scrum project management training for creative and acquisition teams (Marketing)
  • Agile/Scrum project management training for product team
  • Continual guidance to reinforce new process routines and best practices

“We did not know how we were going to get numerous teams involved and onboard to help drive adoption. Completing helped us develop a plan everyone could get behind.” – Carol M. – Dir. of Operations


  • Improved communication, productivity, & accountability
  • Improved cross-team collaboration and process efficiency
  • Improved visibility and clarity around who is working on what by when
  • Improved hand-offs, approvals, and overall project efficiency
  • Improved progress tracking and reporting using Portfolios

“We did not expect our teams to become as on-top of their projects and tasks as they became during this process. We were very pleased and surprised how quickly our “superstars” caught on to the Completing lessons.” Carol M. – Dir. of Operations