The company lacked the capacity to track a rapidly growing volume of new prospective customers and orders resulting from the sudden onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the critical need for essential protective equipment for hospitals and health care providers.


SPH hired Completing to deploy a skilled, fractional project manager to drive design and installation of the company’s internal sales tracking system, allowing management and staff to remain wholly focused on delivering for their customers during a massive uptick in new inquiries and orders.

Our Completing Project Manager helped us install a mission-critical tracking solution at a vitally important time. As a result, we became more responsive and better able to deliver on our promise to front-line caregivers throughout the country.

–Tony C. – CEO, SPH Medical


There was no time to shop and compare software platforms. A comprehensive planning process wasn’t an option. The approach was to fill the immediate need first, release a minimum viable solution, get the basic workflows running and the staff trained with minimal disruption to the business; then, gather feedback and build upon the early foundation, all with a minimum investment in the event the first solution turned-out not to be the long-term solution.


After one planning call outlining the minimum project requirements, the development process began by loaded the customer data into a single platform, defining the efficient workflows for smooth hand-offs between marketing, sales and support with order tracking from quote request through to shipping and delivery across the US.


Within 1-Week the company was able to deploy a working solution to efficiently track their leads and customers with instant visibility over customer data, notes, and activities plus the mobile access to monitor and respond quickly and effectively.

“We’ve used the Completing service on multiple occasions to help define and implement key digital strategies for our healthcare distribution company that have led to measurable year over year growth. I would highly recommend the Completing team.” – Tony Coleman, CEO – SPH Medical Inc.