Deals and transactions are managed by multiple teams consisting of Business Development Associates, Relationship Managers, Business Analysts and Loan Administrators. Teams are designed around the unique attributes of each deal type with shared resources supporting multiple teams.


For years, the Company had worked from a dated Publisher file and process flow to manage its various deal stages. Over time, the process map became overly complex and burdensome, whereby meetings occurred, data was entered, filed, then action steps stalled or slowed. Challenges included:

  • Gaps in visibility and clarity around active and upcoming deals
    Over reliance on outdated technology and manual spreadsheets to track deal activities and status updates
  • Inconsistent deal execution across multiple teams and deal types resulting in unnecessary delays and an inconsistent customer experience
  • Gaps in process standardization resulting in disparities across multiple teams
  • Lack of automation to streamline repetitive, time-wasting tasks and activities
  • Overall need to reinvent and streamline outdated processes leveraging technology to the fullest


  • Create a standardized and streamlined process all teams could follow resulting in a better, more consistent employee and experience
  • Reduce manual workload and save time so teams aren’t bogged down in repetitive, time-wasting administrative tasks
  • Bring greater visibility and better tracking of all deals and their transaction status
  • Reduce deal transaction times across the board

Solution Higlights

  • Conduct a top-to-bottom review of the current process and define a clear roadmap to streamline
  • Deploy modern technology to improve visibility around who is working on what by when, while detecting bottlenecks earlier
  • Automate the distribution and communication of repetitive, time wasting activities such as daily hand-offs and assignments
  • Reduce communication gaps and lost action items by paring tasks and updates in one place, reducing excessive email and instant messaging
  • Implement, train, reinforce the consistent routines and habits based on the new workflow
  • Clearly document the new workflow for scalability and new employee onboarding

“Before Completing came in, we lacked consistent execution and visibility. We needed better technology and a new baseline standard. The systems and processes you helped us implement have been a game changer. My advice to others…commit sooner and trust the team at Completing.”

– Thomas S. Principal, Co-Founder

Results After 120-Days

  • Clearer visibility over all steps of the deal transaction process
  • Improved clarity over who is working on what by when
  • More productive meetings and consistent daily routines resulting in time given back to our team members
  • Smoother hand-offs across each step of the deal lifecycle, reducing delays
  • An evolved mindset company-wide that’s embracing the idea of continuous improvement and positive change

“Our Completing Implementor Yago did a fantastic job all the way through, maintaining professionalism and composure throughout, despite some early challenges. He did an absolute A+ Job. Our only regret is we did not act sooner.”

– Carole S., Controller & Project Stakeholder