The company lacked a formalized operating system, resulting in inconsistent execution, excessive development delays, growing customer complaints and high employee turn-over.


The solution was threefold. #1: Install the scalable business and project operating systems to consistently align quarterly and annual strategic goals with weekly and daily execution. #2: Prioritize and drive the most pressing projects forward more predictably, and #3: Design, train, & reinforce the new routines and habits for sustainable operations with fewer ad hoc, reactionary tendencies.

Within the first day, I was blown away. The Completing team brings a no-holds-barred “GET IT DONE” attitude. They don’t shy away from the difficult work and are laser-focused on results.

–Dr. Mark T. Wade – Founder, Virtual Summits Software


The urgency of the challenges required the rapid deployment of a clear execution plan that resulted in more effective work management practices. Improving customer service and financial reporting were areas of immediate concern. Installing the foundational systems and standardized procedures for running multiple distinct company divisions including a software component, an online education component, and a professional services component. EOS was proposed as the most logical fit for the company’s operating system, one that could scale with growth for the long term.


Our work began by implementing two parallel tracks, one at the business level, and another at the project & task level. This allowed for simultaneously improvements in both execution strategy and tactics. A Completing fractional integrator was embedded to install the core EOS components including vision, data, process, traction, issues, and people. A Completing technical project manager was embedded to drive the design, testing, and implementation of the company’s customer service systems, training, reporting, and software development cadence.


The company’s vision and strategy were clearly defined and documented with clear priorities, quarterly, and annual goals. Roles, responsibilities, and hiring needs were defined with core processes implemented. Project plans and daily task management practices were defined, documented, and reinforced. A weekly meeting cadence was established with clear, consistent agendas and focus toward permanently solving issues at their root cause. The company’s project planning, customer service, hiring, and reporting systems were refined and streamlined. Select team members transitioned into new roles with clearer roles and responsibilities. Improved data gathering resulted in better reporting and more insight-driven decision making. A new customer service ticketing system was installed, service level agreement installed, workflows streamlined, and new support team trained. A new employee incentive plan was designed and rolled-out, improving moral and team cohesion around shared company objectives.

In just the first 2 weeks, it felt like we accomplished 2 months’ worth of progress. I couldn’t believe how fast they moved and how impactful the work was. We are forever grateful

–Dr. Mark T. Wade – Founder, Virtual Summits Software