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Overcoming Disruption in a Distributed World

Employee burnout is on the rise, fueled by the abrupt shift to remote work. According to Asana’s recent Anatomy of Work Index, the knowledge workforce is spending upwards of 60% of their time coordinating work (searching for information, app switching, project follow-up, etc.), while only 26% is dedicated to the skilled work they were hired for and 14% to forward-looking strategy. They’re also missing more deadlines despite working longer hours. So why is busywork consuming our lives, and, more importantly, how can employers and teams build in the essential guardrails to improve team health and prevent the overwhelm so many are feeling?

Asana’s 2021 report, which surveyed more than 13,000 global workers, investigates how work has changed during the pandemic, and how we can overcome disruption in a distributed world. While technology has contributed to the problem, it’s more a function of the group norms, routines, and daily practices intentionally co-developed between leadership and their teams. We need to start with a deep commitment to building resiliency in a people-centric culture that provides the flexibility, environment, and autonomy teams need, balanced alongside the needs of the organization as a whole.

Download the full report here.

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