Flat-Rate Pricing Without 
The Uncertainty of Hourly

We believe hourly models reward waste and inefficiency, eroding trust and artificially constraining the creation and realization of value. We prefer to measure progress by value delivered, instead of time spent.

Which Solution Is Right For You?

  • Project Guide

    Need a skilled professional to guide your existing team, accelerate progress, and install the systems, processes, and weekly cadence for faster, more predictable project flow? One of our certified Agile Guides can help.
  • Project Lead

    Don't have a team? That's ok. We'll assemble just the right creative, technical, and advisory skill-sets specific to your needs, then we'll drive your implementation from concept to launch and beyond.
  • Virtual COO

    Launching a big audacious project that needs strategy, implementation, and executive-level oversight? Our fractional COOs can map-out a complete plan and work hand-in-hand with both your leadership and development teams.





Monthly Fee: $2,995 - $4,995+ $5,995 - $9,995+ By Quote
Designated Project Guide or Lead - We assign one of our skilled professionals to drive daily implementation of your mission-critical projects.
Clearly Defined Requirements - We organize, prioritize, and map your projects into actionable tasks and requirements aligned with your important business goals.
Early, Frequent Delivery - Effective sprint planning, early feedback and frequent delivery ensures tasks are always moving and never stalled.
Consistent Cadence - We drive daily action, meeting with you at least once weekly to review the status of each project while adapting to changing needs, often late in development.*
Real-time Tracking - We install the latest task management tools to track deadlines, increase transparency, and provide the top-level views to monitor progress.
Time-Saving Workflows - We install, optimize, and document the standardized processes that improve quality, eliminate bottlenecks, and accelerate progress.
3rd Party Onboarding - We source, compare, and onboard the additional skilled freelancers and service providers tailored specifically to your unique goals and requirements. $500
per resource
Virtual/COO - One of our experienced executive-level V-COOs will help you strategize, plan, and implement your short & long-term vision. Fractional Dedicated
Business Operating System - We deploy the proven strategies, systems, and foundational practices for creating a scalable, high-performing company.
Term:* 90-Days 90-Days 90-Days
* Month-to-month thereafter. No long-term contracts. One-time strategy & mapping fee may apply depending on the factors below. Completing charges a flat-rate project management fee. For clients who require onboarding of additional creative and technical talent such as design, content, and development, Completing does not mark-up 3rd party services.

Factors that Affect Pricing

  • Strategy & Plan

    Is your strategy and plan already well defined? Are you clear on what you want to build, or do you need help mapping, prioritizing and documenting a well thought-out plan?
  • Level of Complexity

    Does your project require highly specialized skill-sets to deliver the outcomes you envision, or are your needs relatively simple and straightforward?
  • # of Projects

    Do you have one project that just needs a boost over the finish line, or multiple, complex projects that need high levels of simultaneous focus & attention?
  • Use of Technology

    Do you already have a strong task management and tracking system? Is it working well, or do you need improved streamlining and automation?
  • Timeline & Scope

    What is the status, urgency and scope of each project? Is development underway and stuck mid-stream or are you starting a brand new project from scratch?
  • Team

    Do you have an existing team of high-performing creative and technical professionals, or do you need help sourcing and onboarding the right experience and skill-sets?
  • Level of Organization

    Do you already have reasonably efficient workflows in place, or are things a bit chaotic and could use some structure to improve project flow and predictability?
  • Environment

    Are there barriers outside your control? Is your company's mindset and culture open to change, and are you empowered with the authority to keep decision-velocity high?