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Productivity Archive

Mastering Complexity with Checklists: Lessons from Atul Gawande’s “The Checklist Manifesto”

Ever feel your work (and your life) is becoming more complicated by the day, or even by the hour? You’re not alone. The dizzying rate of technological change is enough to make even the most hardened techies feeling disoriented. Amidst all the break-neck innovations bombarding our daily feeds, the fundamentals however, seem to be holding…for now. Until the robots start doing our dishes, we mortals are still relevant. We’re still responsible for doing stuff, building stuff, creating stuff, fixing stuff, and improving stuff. We’re tasked with meeting our weekly, monthly, and quarterly goals, delivering for our organizations and serving our teams.

From Confusion to Cohesion: How Role Clarity Impacts Team Morale & Project Success

A successful project depends on many factors, of which role clarity is one of the most important. Say your team installs a project management software like Asana. It’ll improve task management but you’ll also experience uncertainty. Specifically, uncertainty about each member’s role. The result is conflict, confusion, and delays. How can you fix this? We believe the RACI model is a great tool to establish role clarity, and we’ll explain why.

Navigating the remote vs. in-office debate: what leaders and employers need to know

Welcome to the new “normal.” Even under the ongoing threat of new variants, the US is continuing to open-up, with most schools back in-class and some organizations returning to the office. However, in the face of mounting burnout, stress, and the increasingly blurred lines between home life and work life, it will not be business …

The Crisis of Distraction – A Pathway Out

Author and Georgetown computer science professor Cal Newport’s recent New Yorker article “The Rise and Fall of Getting Things Done” got me thinking. How can individuals, teams and organizations find relief from the tyranny of bombardment that’s killing our productivity. As Newport’s article states, with the spread of email in the nineties, “with all friction …

What Google Discovered From Its Mission to Create the Ultimate Team

It’s no secret, small self-managing teams are becoming the foundational operating unit within organizations. The shift toward increasingly autonomous, team-based work is nothing new. Developers and tech pioneers Ken Schwaber, Jeff Sutherland, and 15 of their peers gave the movement definition with their breakthrough publication of the Agile Manifesto in 2001. The new thinking guided …

Overcoming Project Paralysis

In business and in life, we tend to overcomplicate what it takes to complete our next project. In reality, there’s only one requirement…to start. Few understand this principle better than Dan Sullivan at Strategic Coach. Dan’s 80% Approach is the simplest, clearest recipe we’ve seen for overcoming the two mental habits that stall far too …

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